Always there when you need us.

we're like an extension of your staff, only easier.

We know first-hand what it's like to manage multiple tenants in larger communities. The smallest jobs become the biggest headaches. And trusted vendors are typically booked out for weeks. Yet your people need help now!

HIGH RISE & garden style

Golf House

We have a solid history sitting in the very seat you're sitting in, dealing with the challenges your property deals out. That's WHY we created this service. We knew if someone with a background in property management AND with handyman skills could put together a solid strategy to help others in the industry, we all win!

Number of Units

Retainer Fee

Benefits to Customer

2 to 40


41 to 80


81 to 120


121 to 160


• Access to 24 Hour Emergency Services involved at our regular rate

• Priority Scheduling

• Net 45 Billing with Credit Cards

Free Estimates!

161 to 200