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 Interior Handyman Services

Handyman Services in Bellevue and Mercer Island, WA

From appliances and lighting fixtures to flooring and drywall, Chore-ology does it all. We’re happy to take care of the cleaning, repairs, and replacements your property needs, whether you need some fixes for your home or are planning upgrades for an entire community.

Chore-ology Restoration & Handyman serves communities throughout the greater Seattle area. For the most reliable handyman services in Bellevue, WA, contact Chore-ology for a free estimate.


Appliances on residential properties need routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly. We take on regular maintenance as well as repairs such as: - Water heater flushing and heating element replacement - Cleaning and replacing dryer vents - Refrigerator coil cleaning - Range burner replacement - Drip pan replacement And more! Any appliance repairs you need, we can handle.


From routine cleaning to total replacement, Chore-ology can help with the flooring in your property. We offer cleaning and replacement services for carpet, laminate, wood, and tile flooring with expertise gained over decades of service.

Blinds & Curtains

Need new blinds or curtains? Or do you just need them cleaned? Preserve your property’s privacy and visual appeal both inside and out.

Hinges & Cabinet

New cabinets can transform the appearance of a kitchen. In the event that hinges or cabinets need repairs, it’s important to make sure the job is done correctly.

Light Fixtures

New lighting fixtures can make a whole interior space feel radically different. Installation requires electrical expertise as well as knowledge of interior design principles, and that means calling a trusted handyman service. We also handle routine cleaning and maintenance.

Shower Surrounds

The bath and shower area are especially prone to water damage, so they need to be kept clean and tidy. Any cracks or damage could lead to extensive damage over time, so making sure the tiling, grout, and other materials surrounding the shower is in good repair is paramount. We clean, repair, and replace tile, stone, grout, FRP, and plastic flooring/fixtures.

Drains Toilets & Tubs

Slow drains, backed up toilets, and clogged tubs are all problematic. Not only are they inconvenient, but they could result in long-term damage to your property. We clean and repair drains, disposals, toilets, and tubs for our clients.

Doors & Trim

The doors and trim in a home not only keep a home secure, but they also add to the aesthetic and protect the structure from the elements. Maintaining energy efficiency and preventing water damage both depend on well-maintained doors and trim throughout the home.


Interior insulation keeps your home’s temperature steady and prevents wasted energy during the winter and summer months. We can help with blown in, batt, or spray foam insulation throughout the interior of your property.

Drywall & Painting

Installing new drywall? Need painting for a remodeling project? Our Mercer Island handyman services can help you with the professional expertise you need to successfully complete your project. If you’re planning a project for an older home, rest assured that our professionals are in full compliance with the EPA’s RRP program for lead-based paint. We ensure a safe project from beginning to end.

24/7 Restoration and Remediation Services

Residential clients including multi family properties in Mercer Island and Bellevue can benefit from our 24/7 restoration and remediation services. We employ fully certified professionals to handle projects as safely and efficiently as possible.


Water Damage & Mold Remediation

Bellevue gets roughly 42 inches of rain every year, and that can mean water damage. When it comes to water and mold damage, our CRMI certified professionals are here to help.


Lead-Based Paint

RRP-compliant professionals are a necessity if you’re working with homes built before 1978. Special safety measures must be taken to avoid the health risks of disturbing lead-based paint.



Chore-ology employs AHERA-certified building inspectors. While the qualification specifically refers to schools, it’s used throughout the industry to ensure best practices when dealing with asbestos.

Lead Paint Removal in Everett, WA

lead paint

This photo showcases an early 21st-century multi-family apartment home in Everett that was in terrible need of RRP lead paint repairs and stabilization.`


The building owner explained that they wanted to have Chore-ology address the failing lead-based paint and to repaint the entire property. Colors were chosen by our client and our team successfully completed the repairs and repainting.


All lead-based paint that was removed was properly contained and disposed of according to Federal EPA, and Washington Department of Ecology rules and laws.


What kind of appliance repair services does Chore-ology offer?

Chore-ology handles regular maintenance and repairs for residential appliances, including water heater flushing, dryer vent cleaning, refrigerator coil cleaning, range burner and drip pan replacement, and more.

Can Chore-ology assist with flooring services?

Yes, Chore-ology offers cleaning and replacement services for carpet, laminate, wood, and tile flooring, utilizing decades of expertise to ensure your property's flooring is in top condition.

What does Chore-ology's 24/7 restoration and remediation services include?

Chore-ology provides 24/7 restoration and remediation services for residential clients in Mercer Island and Bellevue, including water damage and mold remediation, with a team of fully certified professionals.

How does Chore-ology handle water damage and mold remediation?

With our area receiving roughly 42 inches of rain annually, Chore-ology's CRMI certified professionals are equipped to handle water and mold damage, ensuring properties are restored safely and efficiently.

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