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 Emergency Storm damage Repair 24/7

Need Emergency Storm Damage Repairs in Mercer Island, Bellevue, or Seattle?

King County’s beautiful climate is one thing we love about living here, but our topography and coastal proximity are responsible for the extreme weather we can get. A flooded basement and other storm damage to your home can be devastating and result in severe property damage, which is why the storm damage restoration services from Chore-ology’s storm damage experts provide storm damage repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Nov 2022: Leaking Roof Causing Water Damage

egress window installation
egress window installation

This photo showcases a residential roof that was leaking and required waterproofing after many storms. During the inspection we noted that the existing roof was a 1.5/12 pitch and shingles were improperly installed as a result of the low pitch angle. To compound the problem, the skylights were designed for steep pitch roofing.


We recommended a complete re-roof for this homeowner using low slope roofing and new skylights designed to be used for low slope applications. They agreed and we re-roofed using Certainteed's Flintlastic SA and custom made low slope skylights from CrystaLite. This system provided our client with a 100% waterproof, 25 year roof.

The Top Three Storm Damage Hazards in Mercer Island, Bellevue & Seattle

The top three weather hazards that affect homes in Mercer Island, Bellevue, Seattle, and other areas in King County are ice storms, wind storms, and floods. Here is what you need to know about these storms to keep your homes safe in the event of an emergency:

1. Ice Storms and Heavy Snow

The National Storm Damage Center identifies that one of the most dangerous aspects of an ice storm is freezing rain, and that’s not just because it’s slick. The heat from within your home melts the ice on your roof from the bottom up, creating a layer of water between the shingles and the surface of the ice. Damage caused by ice storms and heavy snow can create the ideal environment for mold to grow, creating a hazard to your health and safety.

Additionally, this trapped moisture weakens the integrity of your roof. The combination of heavy snow on a soggy rooftop causes roofs to cave in, which has historically devastated homes in the greater King County area.

Call our emergency storm damage restoration service as soon as you can to mitigate the danger of ice and snow on your roof. Our residential hail and storm repair specialists can rehabilitate your roof’s structure and mitigate mold growth and damage to save you any further danger of structural damage and expense. 

2. Wind Storms

According to Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management, “the biggest economic problem from windstorms is property damage,” and “families can incur major expenses even from light damage to roofing or siding.”

Falling trees and moving objects cause the majority of windstorm damage. In King County, winds get up to 60 to 70 mph, and objects need to be going only 32 mph to break through wooden structures.

If your home is damaged in a windstorm, call our restoration company. We can assess whether your home is structurally sound and provide professional home damage repairs to get your home restored as quickly as possible.

3. Flooding

Flooding is unique in that it can cause both interior and exterior damage to your home. Externally, debris that’s carried by the flood can crash into your house, causing the structure to crack or buckle. Internally, it rots wood, fosters mold growth, and fries electrical appliances.

The dangers of flood damage are extensive:

  • If left unchanged, water damage to the walls, floor, or roof could cause further damage and parts of the house to cave in. Chore-ology, a trusted water damage restoration company in King County can help provide Mercer Island, Seattle, and Bellevue water damage restoration services before further damage are done.

  • The growth of mold is a serious health hazard and can cause significant damage.

  • Electrical outlets or exposed wires can electrocute residents even in a low-moisture environment.

You may need to evacuate in the event of a flood. Have a storm damage restoration expert assess your home before re-entering and walk you through the restoration process. 

Call Chore-ology Now for Emergency Repairs in mercer island, Bellevue & Seattle

Chore-ology is an IICRC-certified, AHERA-compliant storm damage restoration and storm damage repair firm that is available 24/7 for emergency services. We are locally owned and headquartered in Mercer Island, and our emergency repairs are available within a 10-mile radius. We go:

  • North as far as Mountlake Terrace, Kirkland, and Bellevue

  • South as far as Tukwila

  • East as far as Issaquah.

For non-emergency home restoration services and improvement projects, we are available within a 25-mile radius.

Call a technician now for emergency storm damage repairs.

  • Can mold damage be fixed?
    Mold damage can be remediated with a full, thorough inspection and removal of any infected areas. These include carpets, window seals, rooflines, leaky pipes, in ceilings, walls or drywall, wallpaper or paint, and even your insulation.
  • How likely is mold to come back after remediation?
    If even a small collection of spores are left or accidentally spread during remediation, mold is very likely to return. This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest where damp conditions are perfect for mold growth. This is why DIY remediation is not recommended.
  • How long can you live in a house with mold?
    It only takes about 8 hours of mold exposure to make a person sick. Continue to leave mold unaddressed and advanced symptoms of a black mold infestation may start presenting.
  • Is mold remediation really necessary?
    Yes. In addition to irreversible property damage, your well-being could be at risk. Left untreated, you may experience troubling health issues including severe lung infections like bronchitis, digestive issues like vomiting and diarrhea, skin irritations, sores, and rashes, cancers, or even brain damage and memory loss.
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