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Your Expert in Hazmat Suit Cleanups

At Choreology, our commitment to safety and protection in hazardous environments is the cornerstone of our operations. We recognize that dealing with biohazards requires not just skill but also the right equipment to ensure the safety of all involved. This understanding drives us to provide comprehensive biohazard cleanup services, which are enhanced by our high-quality hazmat suits designed for maximum protection.

Our hazmat suits are engineered to meet the stringent standards required for a variety of dangerous settings, ensuring that our team can handle all situations such as chemical spills, a biological contaminant, or cleanup after an unfortunate event, our suits protect against a wide range of dangers, thus preventing any risk of contamination or injury.

Situations That Require Hazmat Suits

Situations Requiring Protection:

  • Chemical spills, biohazard incidents, and cleanup operations following tragic events are common scenarios where hazmat suits are indispensable and necessary.

Industries and Situations That Require Hazmat Suits Graphic

Different Levels of Protection IN HAZMAT SUITS

Hazmat suits are categorized into four distinct levels:

  • Level A: Offers the highest level of protection against hazardous chemicals, safeguarding respiratory functions, skin, and eyes.

  • Level B: Provides substantial respiratory protection with less emphasis on skin coverage.

  • Level C: Equipped with air-purified respirators, suitable for environments where the type of airborne substance is known.

  • Level D: Focuses on protection against particulates, ideal for situations involving nuisance contamination only.

Protection Standards and Respiratory Options

  • Standards: Our suits meet NFPA and EN criteria, ensuring they withstand rigorous safety tests.

  • Respiratory Protection: From simple filters to advanced self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), we offer options suitable for various hazards.

Are Choreology's hazmat suits certified?

Yes, Choreology's hazmat suits meet stringent safety standards including NFPA and EN criteria, ensuring they are capable of providing the highest level of protection in hazardous settings.

Can Choreology hazmat suits be used in chemical spill scenarios?

Absolutely. These suits are specifically designed to handle chemical spills among other dangerous situations by offering robust protection against various chemical hazards.

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