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Is Dog Poop Good for Grass?

Updated: Apr 9

No, dog poop is not good for grass. Contrary to popular belief, dog feces do not act as a fertilizer for your lawn. In fact, dog poop can be filled with parasites and bacteria that are just as bad for your lawn as they are for your family's health.

In this article, we'll tell you why some pet owners still believe that their dog's poop is doing their lawn a favor. We'll also shed some light on the potential dangers of leaving dog poop in your yard for too long and give you a few tips regarding the safest and most efficient disposal methods.

Why Some People Think Dog Poop is a Good Fertilizer

It is a popular belief that dog poop makes a good fertilizer. This misconception probably stems from the fact that cow manure makes an excellent fertilizer. Cows are herbivores, so their poop is rich in nutrients and can help with plant growth.

However, not all types of poop are created equal. Because dogs are omnivores and eat a protein-rich diet, their poops are typically very acidic. So while you may think you are creating a healthy lawn by allowing your dog's droppings to sit on the grass, you could be allowing toxic chemicals to soak into your soil.

If you're looking for proper fertilizer and compost, it is best to go to your local plant shop.

Why Dog Poop is Bad for Your Grass (and Your Home)

Here's why dog poop is less than ideal for your lawn.


Dog poop can be filled with all kinds of bacteria and parasites, including hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, and giardiasis. If you leave dog poop on your lawn, these parasites can spread throughout the surrounding environment.

Transmits diseases

The bacteria in dog poop can transmit a variety of human diseases. Dog feces can result in breathing problems, diarrhea, and more serious issues. This is why it is so important to be fully aware of the dangers lurking in your own backyard.

Pollutes nearby waterways

If you leave dog poop on your grass for too long, it can end up polluting nearby waterways, which is accelerated by heavy rain. This is another reason why dog parks always have signs that tell dog owners to pick up their dog's poop.

Poisons your grass

The toxic chemicals and excess nitrogen found in dog poop can poison your soil and cause your grass to wilt and die. It can also result in a lawn fungus that is difficult to get rid of. Over time, you will notice that your grass is patchy and yellow.


In addition to the many harmful effects of dog poo, it also acts as an eyesore. There is nothing worse than visiting someone's home and their backyard is covered in dog poop. The sight of dog poop can ruin photographs and discourage children from playing on the lawn.

What to Do with Your Dog’s Poop

So, if you shouldn't leave your dog's waste on the lawn, what should you do with it? While you can always throw dog waste into your general garbage, our advice would be to create a dedicated dog waste bin.

You can line your pet waste bin with a standard garbage bag and get a pet waste removal company to collect the animal waste every week or when the bin is full. This is the most responsible and environmentally friendly way to deal with your dog waste.

When picking up your dog's poop in your yard, you can use a biodegradable plastic bag or a pooper scooper, both of which can be bought from your local pet store. Once you have finished picking up dog poop, you should wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.

Remember that you don't just need to pick up your dog's feces in your own yard. You should pick up after your dog on walks and when visiting friends' houses. Your pets are your responsibility, so act accordingly.

Are you looking for a company to remove your pet waste? At Chore-ology, we offer biohazard decontamination services, which include animal waste removal. Prioritize your family's health and safety by investing in our professional and effective services. Contact us today to talk more about your specific pet waste removal requirements.

What About Dog Urine?

By now we have established that dog poop is bad for your grass and your garden, but what about dog urine? Dog urine is not nearly as bad as dog poop, but it can result in 'grass burn' if your dog urinates in the same spot again and again.

You can prevent your grass from dying by encouraging your dog to pee in different spots throughout your garden and replacing parts of your lawn when necessary. You may also want to regularly spray your dog's usual spots with water.

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